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Throwing in the Towel

I'm throwing in the towel. Literally. I've had enough. In fact, last night my son and I threw in the towels and took baskets of wet laundry to a Norwalk laundromat to dry the clothes. After over 3 years of steady service for the two apartments in my building (me and the downstairs neighbors), the LG dryer is giving up the ghost. For weeks the dry function has performed worse and worse. I tinkered with the settings to try the manual setting and that worked for a while, but no longer.

I remember how we managed wet laundry growing up in Texas 50 years ago -- a clothesline and clothes pins! The heat and dry air did just fine. But in Connecticut, that approach doesn't work so well, especially without a backyard with plenty of sunshine access.

In a fit of creative, multi-track problem solving, my son and I went to the laundromat. To our pleasure 32 minutes of drying in two machines (a quarter for eight minutes) did the trick. I had forgot the simple pleasure of fresh, dry laundr…