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The Case of the Two Nancys -- A Shopping-Day Investigation

While I've never been much of a shopper, I will snap up old books, publications, posters and music when I see something I want. Yesterday was one of those days when I made some great purchases in two locations, linked, improbably, by the late actress Nancy Marchand. Or actress Nancy Marquand. Same actress or not? What started as a a fun post on an amazing coincidence became a puzzling tale of research and ambiguity.

I know Marchand from the series The Sopranos, of which I became a huge fan once it appeared on DVD. I compulsively watched the show and took notes that I turned it into an essay, "What I Learned About Love from Tony Soprano." A small part of the essay appears in "A Kosher Dating Odyssey." Marchand played Tony's conniving mother Livia, to great acclaim. Memories of the show returned when I dropped by the local Goodwill store yesterday afternoon and found "The Sopranos: A Family History," published in 2000 after show's second season.…