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Django at 40 is a Lonely Hunter

Think about these for movie concepts: introduce an energetic, driven black man to a white man from another culture who literally speaks another language. That's one idea from Django Unchained from Quentin Tarantino.

Then take this idea: a budding teenage girl struggles to navigate adolescence, family conflict and economic troubles in a depressed era. That's one idea from This is 40 from Judd Apatow.

Now, what if you smashed the two ideas together in one epic book that became a movie -- with an amazing performance by an actor who, 45 years later, could win an Oscar nomination for his brilliant work in Argo?

The book and movie in question is The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, published in 1940 when author Carson McCullers was only 23 years old. It tells the story deaf-mute John Singer and his impact on people in a Southern mill town in the late 1930s. One of them is a black doctor, Dr. Benedict Copeland, who must deal with the impact of segregation and racial oppression. The book com…