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"Gloomy Sunday"—Finding Compelling Jewish Cinema Via Serendipity

Planning for a four-day weekend, with three days without library access, I went a little wild on Thursday scooping up DVDs. My son's with me so I looked for films through his eyes. Several genres called out to me—a big film noir collection, 13 Assassins in the ever-popular Japanese samurai mode, Gilda with Rita Hayworth, and finally, from the German shelf, Gloomy Sunday. I had never heard of the movie, but the Holocaust themes and Budapest setting suggested this could be worth a look.

We kicked off our holiday film festival with this movie. I highly recommend it to anybody looking for a different take on Holocaust cinema. The Amazon link gives plenty of details about the film, so I'll focus on what made it especially notable for me. First, female lead Erika Marozsán throws out some of the most smoldering looks ever seen in a movie—the term "bedroom eyes" must have been invented for her. She plays a waitress for a Jewish restaurant owner in Budapest, before and during…

Getting This Jewish Show on the Road with . . . Tim Tebow?

This was my first post at a blog connected to my book, "A Kosher Dating Odyssey," at Due to a change in the publisher's technology, author blogs will no longer be supported in mid-2018, so I transferred all those Coffeetown Press posts here to Mission2Moscow.

Given that tonight is the first night of Hanukkah, this is an ideal time to start this new blog with thoughts on—Christians and Jews. Sometimes I think I stand at the crossroads between two religious traditions with a 2,000 year history of at best uneasy coexistence and at worst, unidirectional slaughter. A news item last week showed the clash very clearly, and the uproar had a personal angle for me.

The issue involved the column titled "My Tim Tebow Problem" by Rabbi Joshua Hammerman of Stamford, Connecticut's Temple Beth El. The column appeared first online, and then in the print edition of the New York Jewish Week. Rabbi Hammerman expressed his unease about Denver Bronco…